5 Minute Morning Happiness Ritual

Our lives are busier than ever. We work more and seem to get less done and seem unhappier than ever! Busy tasks take your attention away from what matters most. Mahatma Gandhi, a great political and spiritual leader states, “Happiness is when you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.” Often, we are unhappy because we are focusing on what we don’t have, what is missing or wrong in our lives. Bottom line, we don’t feel in charge of our lives.

Understanding how to use the law of attraction will help you become the leader of your life again.

Whether you believe in the Law of Attraction or not, just like the law of gravity, it is at work in your life 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You are constantly using the law of attraction and are attracting to your life and business, whatever you give your attention, energy and focus to, whether positive or negative.

There are only three Law of Attraction steps
1. Ask yourself what you desire (so go after something you really want!)
2. Believe that you will get it, no matter what.
3. Allow the universe to respond to your desire and becoming a willing receiver of good

Morning Happiness Ritual
Want to have a smashing great day, create positivity and attract what you want? All it takes is a few minutes to visualize your day.
▪ Set your alarm 5 minutes early
▪ Close your eyes and smile
▪ Pretend you are just waking up
▪ Thank God that you are alive
▪ Picture your day and the people and situations you are grateful for
▪ Think about what you are expecting from this day, and what you want to happen
▪ Allow yourself to see it happening. Be more specific than saying, “I want to have a great day!” If you are having a client meeting, visualize a productive meeting and the results you want to create. Law of attraction demands we request, believe and allow. Be specific not vague.

The secret to happiness is positivity and focusing on abundance. Decide to be happier and more abundant. I mean really decide. Decide every day when you wake up that something wonderful will happen to you today and allow it to happen! Your abundant life is waiting, better get busy!

Tip of the Month: November 2013

Chere Borke gives dietitians a boost of confidence to live the life they have always wanted. For three decades Chere has helped turnaround people’s lives and work so they can live a life that ignites their soul and pocketbook. She helps dietitians find clarity so they can be both the best moms and businesswomen living without regrets.

As a Law of Attraction facilitator she loves helping RDS attract a satisfying career, getting compensated for what they are worth and creating a joy filled family life at the SAME time.

Chere speaks nationally and is a member of NSA traveling across the country helping people discover abundant energy, and helping them create a life of health, passion and purpose.

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