Steps to Becoming a Money Magnet

Does it feel like you are working hard and not getting what you want? It all starts with your beliefs. There are two kinds of thinkers. Negative fear-based thinkers focus on overcoming; positive freedom-based thinkers focus on becoming. Fear-based thinkers focus on the feeling of struggle and the need to overcome something, while freedom-based thinkers focus on knowing that every new day is a fresh new start.

The first step to becoming a money magnet is to notice your beliefs. What are your first thoughts when you say the word “money?”
“I will never make that much money.”
“No one will hire me for that much.”
Drop your negative fear-based beliefs. Decide that there is abundance. Replace negative thoughts with abundance thoughts. Become very aware of your thoughts around money. Whenever you notice yourself in “lack” or “not enough” money, visualize abundance. Tell yourself STOP and dump the poverty thoughts like, “That’s too expensive” or “I don’t have enough money for that”.

Your thoughts and feelings create your reality. If you think negative fear-based thoughts about money, you will attract negative bank balances. Decide instead that it is easy to pay bills and you will increase your abundance consciousness. Focus on what you do have. Recognize where there is wealth already in your life. Take a piece of paper and on the left write down your negative fear-based money thoughts and on the right, replace every fear-based belief with a positive freedom-based money thought.

The second step is to write a “law of abundance check.” Get a blank check and write out a check to yourself for whatever amount that you want. Write the date you will receive this money. In the memo area write, “Paid in full.” Sign the check in the signature space with the words “The Universe.” Put this check in your wallet. Feel RICH! Attract abundance!

Remember the world is full of possibilities. What you focus on gets bigger and bolder. I wish for each of you a RICH life, one that is rewarding, inspiring, confident and happy. Better get busy writing that check as your clients are waiting.

Chere Bork, MS, RDN, LN

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