Tip of the Month: Embracing the Importance of Rest and Play as an Entrepreneur- September 2021

Embracing the Importance of Rest and Play as an Entrepreneur

Whether you are new to being an entrepreneur, an established professional, or just starting to dabble your toes in the entrepreneur waters with a side hustle, one thing remains of utmost importance to maintaining balance and sanity in this business: finding time to rest and play.

I know what you’re thinking, “But, but, but… I’ll rest when I’m older. There’s no time. How will I get ahead if I’m not constantly doing something? And play? How can you be serious?”

If I’ve learned anything in the last 2 years it’s that I am not the best version of myself without adequate rest and time for play. Trust me — this was not a lesson that was easy for me to grasp. For most of my professional life I’ve defined success as being busy all the time and always doing something as an indicator of my self worth versus looking at the work I was doing and valuing how it made me feel fulfilled. And always doing something led me down a path to burn out, poor mental health and heightened stress and anxiety.

Insert the global pandemic. In my business, the pandemic put a virtual stop to everything I was trying to build. It forced me to rest and recharge as well as identify things that I enjoy just for the fun of it — like baking (or dabbling in it at least) and going for long walks in nature with my pup. As my business starts to pick back up and I get busier and busier I am much more conscious of needing to take the time to rest and play. This has helped me feel more fulfilled, balanced and ultimately, is leading to a happier, healthier life.

Get rid of the notion that you have to be busy all the time to be successful. It’s just not true. Let go of exhaustion as a status symbol. It does you no good. Stop equating your self-worth with how productive you are. Make time in your weekly schedule to do something just for fun and daily for rest. I promise you won’t regret it.

For more about the concept of cultivating play and rest in your life as well as additional tips on how to live a whole-hearted life, check out Brene Brown’s book “The Gifts of Imperfection.”

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