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Title: Update on Food Culture:  Top 10 Food, Flavors and Fun Defining the Year 

Date and Time: Thursday, June 20th, 4pm EST

Speaker: Janet Helm MS, RD

Description: The world is facing devastating wars, political unrest, global climate disasters and food inflation – which are all shaping what and how we eat. 

Expect to see a return to comfort, including indulgent foods and beverages (#littletreatculture), along with the mainstreaming of mental and emotional well-being.  Yet, health is still a driver of food choices, with consumers focused on protein content, plant-based and minimally processed foods.  Foods and flavors will be more global – especially cross-cultural, spicier, multi-sensory, playful – and increasingly influenced by pop culture, TikTok and AI. 

Learn more about the trending foods and flavors predicted to be big in 2024, along with the implications and how you can leverage as food and nutrition professionals.  

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the macro drivers behind 2024 food and nutrition trends
  2. Review 10 food and flavor trends that will influence menus, new products and home cooks
  3. Outline the implications for food and nutrition professionals

Performance Indicators:

2.1.4 Applies knowledge of cultural foods, religious traditions, eating patterns, and food and nutrition trends when developing nutrition and dietetics services to be comprehensive of all individuals in target population.

12.1.5 Incorporates market research, consumer insights and current evidence-based literature when developing new products and services.

12.2.2 Works collaboratively with team to identify market trends and to target client/patient wants and needs.

Janet Helm smiling and holding a coffee mug in her kitchen