Courses & Webinars

NE Webinars are a member benefit of Nutrition Entrepreneurs (NE) DPG.  Most webinars are free to NE members.  If a webinar is “Open Access”, then it is open to non-members as well.  If you are not a member of NE, it is only $40 annually and you receive 18+CEUs annually free with your membership.  More info on Joining NE.

Many more events coming up… check back for updates.

NE Webinars

NE Webinar – How to write a cookbook and get it published

Dec 6th @ 1pm ET

Speaker: Carly Knowles, MS, RDN, LD, PCD

Description: Do you love writing about food, developing recipes, and researching nutrition information? Do you have a unique point of view and a clear voice in the field of food and nutrition? Then YOU are qualified to write a cookbook! In this webinar, I’ll share with you the foundational steps and strategies for turning your dream into reality. 


Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn how to identify your voice and unique point of view in the nutrition field.
  2. Learn how to develop and write successful recipes. 
  3. Learn how to structure and write a successful cookbook proposal.


Performance Indicators:

8.5.3, 8.5.4 Uses a variety of cooking techniques, food preparation methods and production and delivery systems 

11.2.4 Collects, reviews and evaluates literature and data to define target audiences

9.4.4 Selects and uses appropriate content and teaching methods to meet individual and group needs, 13.2.3 Incorporates principles of food science and production in recipe development

13.2.7 Develops recipes and menus for therapeutic 

Leveraging LinkedIn to Optimize Opportunity and Leads for Your Nutrition Business 

Dec 8th @ 1pm ET

Speaker: Stacey Dunn-Emke, MS, RDN

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the essential elements on personal profile to rank higher in search algorithm; 
  2. Create a Company page to showcase services; 
  3. Identify 3+ marketing tools to showcase business and services


Performance Indicators:

1.1.7 Builds collaborative relationships to encourage professional growth and development.

3.1.1 Identifies strengths and opportunities for improvement in self and in others.

5.1.8 Finds and evaluates online information sources using appropriate search engines and databases.

5.2.7 Suggests, develops or implements innovative programs, platforms, applications and technologies in order to meet the needs of audiences and the workplace.

11.2.2 Works collaboratively with team to identify market trends and to target client/patient wants and needs.

11.4.1 Stays abreast of changing trends and technology in promotion, marketing and advertising products and services.