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NE Webinars are a member benefit of Nutrition Entrepreneurs (NE) DPG.  Most webinars are free to NE members.  If a webinar is “Open Access”, then it is open to non-members as well.  If you are not a member of NE, it is only $40 annually and you receive 18+CEUs annually free with your membership.  More info on Joining NE.

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NE Webinar

Collaborations & Connections:  Challenging Ourselves to Build a Stronger Collective 

August 30th at 1 p.m. EST 

Speaker: Toni Toledo, MPH, RDN

Description: It might seem like a moot point to promote collaborations amongst the NEDPG because truly, the NEDPG already promotes and embodies a strong collaborative spirit as an organization and community.  However, as individuals, it is important to explore our own thoughts and actions in the context of collaborations.   We each have our own strengths and areas for improvement in ALL areas…and collaborations are no exception.  In this webinar we will explore collaboration basics as well as nuances.  Attendees will have an opportunity to look ahead in their life and career and ask things like: How could I benefit from being in more or different types of collaborations? Where can I look or who can I reach out to for a potential collaboration? If you were to create a collaboration…what would it be?  What would MY mantra be to advocate for collaborations?  This session will take the form of a virtual road trip with an accompanying Spotify playlist to encourage and motivate attendees to foster new and different types of collaborations.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Appreciate the unique and distinct value that you can bring to collaborations AND what you can get from working alongside others to grow, learn and thrive in your role as an RDN. 
  2. Be equipped with specific things you can consider to be a better collaborator by learning through the stories, anecdotes and tips.
  3. Have some fun, too!

Performance Indicators:

2.2.4   Collaborates with others when the required skill is beyond his/her competence       

2.1.1   Assesses the communication needs of the individual, customer or population

2.1.2   Identifies barriers to effective communication