Five Simple Steps To Live Ridiculously Happy

My client Sue exclaimed, “I’ve put my life on hold. All I do is work. I’ve never been so tired!” With FNCE three weeks away, maybe you too are feeling overwhelmed. Here are few tips Sue and I worked on that could work fabulously for you when you feel like you are drowning in work.

Integrity Check
I suggested to Sue that perhaps she was unhappy because as she didn’t feel in integrity. Integrity is doing what is right for your physical and emotional well being. She wanted to lose weight. She felt her job didn’t allow her time to exercise as even her off days were spent preparing training presentations. She wanted to spend more time in her garden and wanted to say “yes” to friends when they called instead of “being married to her email” every night.

What Do You Want
We focused on her vision of what she wanted her life to be – “Strong! Strong body, mind and spirit!! Passionate about exercise! Passionate about work!” Whatever you focus your attention on becomes bigger and bolder. If you focus on how terrible your life is; it will be more ridiculously horrible. So write down what you want. Maybe you are not feeling in integrity because “shoulds” and pleasing others have taken over your life.

Put Yourself First
The secret to loving a life you want to live is to put yourself first. (Sorry Mom and Dad). This is not about being self–centered and nasty. Rather, it is deliberate creation and using the Law of Attraction to attract the life you love. So, what do you do? First notice if your day is full of wants, like craving M&M’s or wanting to walk outside, or “shoulds” – which are duties or obligations or a sense of shame if you don’t do them.

Write Your Yes list
Make a list of standards (coaching word for your yes list) for self-care habits you want to do to energize your physical and emotional well being. Example: I will eat breakfast. I will go to bed at 10:30 pm. I will schedule a walk in the afternoon. I will not answer the phone after 9 pm (self-care time).

Accept Responsibility
Finally accept RESPONSIBILITY for your physical and emotional well being. No one else can make you happy but you. Only you can give your energy away. You decide to whom and to where your energy goes. Patch up those energy cracks where you are giving your energy away. When you feel whole and living in integrity, you love your life and are even more generous with your time and energy and have more to give away.

Every day decide how to “get rid of the junk and keep the good stuff.”
Who is responsible for my happiness? (There is a correct answer!)
Here to help!

Tip of the Month: October 2014

Chere Bork, MS, RDN

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