How can you reach thousands of influential nutritionists?

Through sponsorship opportunities with Nutrition Entrepreneurs! NE sponsorship offers your company an opportunity to reach thousands of nutrition professionals with information about YOUR newest products and services. Whether you target consumers, professionals, or both, NE members are on the front lines of communication with YOUR customer!

NE is a Dietetic Practice Group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Our members are the “movers and shakers” in the nutrition industry and influence consumer awareness and perception through multiple mediums. These cutting-edge professionals:

  • Counsel and coach individuals, groups and athletic teams
  • Consult to doctors’ offices, healthcare organizations, community and public health agencies, schools, fitness clubs, restaurants, food and pharmaceutical companies, advertising and PR agencies, trade and professional associations
  • Author books
  • Write magazine articles, newspaper columns, website content
  • Manage corporate and worksite wellness programs
  • Deliver public speaking presentations to consumers and business audiences
  • Regularly appear on popular TV, radio programs, and podcasts
  • Manage press and media relations
  • Represent companies and product lines as spokespersons
  • Plan and execute public relations and educational campaigns
  • Design software and educational tools and much, much more!