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Empowering Nutrition Visionaires


Inspiring and cultivating entrepreneurs through a community dedicated to supporting infinite success


Empowered, Visionary, Inquisitive, Innovative

Nutrition Entrepreneurs (NE) is the number one Dietetic Practice Group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics dedicated to entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. We are guided by our vision, mission and values to create a community that empowers and supports the success of our members. NE will enhance your career, business, and personal growth. NE has seven Specialty Groups to help you achieve your success.


Quickly here’s what comes to mind for me:

  • I work in a vacuum (all by myself) and NE has opened up my world to colleagues who are willing to share and help each other.
  • The benefits of membership outweighs the cost (especially at less than 10 cents a day).
  • As an entrepreneurial RDN in private practice NE is THE DPG! It has been immensely helpful in my practice.
  • I love, love, love my fellow NEers. They are creative and innovative thinking nutrition entrepreneurs and it rub offs.
  • I have met amazing colleagues with whom I have made life long friendships.
MS, RDN, CDE, CDN, Nutritionist, Private Practice