It’s February – get involved!

You know what February means…it’s Academy Election time!  Wait, you were probably thinking something else like Valentine’s day or Lunar New Year.  This is good, too, I promise, even without the chocolate.

Your tip of the month is to GET INVOLVED.  It’s hard to overstate the number of connections you can make when you get involved with a group like NE DPG or your local Academy Affiliate.  When I joined the Executive committee, I was honestly a bit of a lurker in NE.  I didn’t have a full-fledged entrepreneurial practice, I wasn’t sure if that was right for me, but I really admired RDNs that got out there and made it their business.  I joined NE because I wanted to know: How did they come up with their ideas?  How did they stay on task?  How does this even work?

When I saw an email asking for a tech volunteer, I had no idea that I was going to end up as the website coordinator for NE DPG.  But professionally, it has been a great move for me.  I have grown my tech skills considerably (which I expected) but I also connected with experts in marketing, social media, coaching, and wellness (which I hadn’t thought about).  I’ve tried to soak up as much expertise as possible to apply to my own career, which looks to be mostly outside of the “entrepreneurial” realm, but still benefits from knowledge in these areas. I’ve enjoyed working with the members of the EC to create the best of everything for the membership.  It’s a wonderful feeling when you accomplish a project (like getting this website up and running) and can see how it benefits other RDNs.  Is it a commitment? Yes.  Is it hard sometimes? Yes.  Is it totally worth it?  YES.

But if being on the EC or another committee isn’t your cup of tea, hey I get it.  You still have a chance to get involved.  GO VOTE.  We’re getting close to the deadline – February 15.  Don’t miss out!  And if you want to join the EC, we’d love to have you.  Just let us know.


Jennifer Watson, MS, RDN

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