Precision medicine opportunity for RDs!

  • Precision medicine opportunity for RDs!

    Posted by Emily Bright on February 6, 2023 at 7:49 pm

    Hello fellow RDs!

    Interested in learning more about incorporating precision healthcare into your practice?

    My name is Emmy Bright, and I’m a fellow RD working with GI conditions. I’m on the Clinical Advisory Board of a Chicago-based company called Navipoint Health. I’m really excited to share some information about the precision health program and the first ever dual DNA testing kit we recently launched.

    A bit of background first: Navipoint Health is a global team of biologists, bioinformaticians, data sciences, and nutrition experts who all hold the core belief that a scientific approach to managing one’s health can change their future. After a decade of research and technological advancements in the biotechnology space, Navipoint Health was born!

    Navipoint uses a three-dimensional approach to understand what our bodies need by looking at the composition of the gut microbiome, DNA profile, and each person’s individual health history. The results are used to create highly personalized and actionable recommendations with a focus on rebalancing your gut microbiome, which we all know is such a central player in your health.

    I, like you, have been skeptical of gut microbiome testing products that promise more than they can deliver, but the years of research that have gone into Navipoint Health’s dual DNA test is the reason why I trust this program and sit on the board. In fact, the scientists behind this program have been working with doctors to implement precision care for patients – and the results are promising! In a recent interventional study, gut microbiome diversity improved in 62% of the patients who followed their personalized recommendations from us for 2 months.

    This test allows us to really get to the root of our health risks and reduce them in a way that is completely personalized to your own biological makeup. I think it’s amazing that with these results, we can determine what health risks our patients are predisposed to and actually reduce their likelihood of developing them in the first place!

    If you are interested in learning more about Navipoint Health and our dual DNA test, please sign up here to get information on an upcoming informational webinar (date & time TBD). We will discuss the science behind Navipoint Health, supportive case study data for our dual DNA test, as well as how you as RDs can incorporate it into your practice at a discounted price for your patients. We will also share information about upcoming opportunities available for RDs to get involved with the Navipoint Health team.

    Looking forward to hopefully chatting with some of you soon!

    Take care,



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