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Salt Lake City May 3, 2013

This full day interactive workshop with Evelyn Tribole will help bring your Intuitive Eating expertise to the next level—through small group case challenges & guided eating experiences. Limited to 35 registrants for maximum interaction. Fee includes meals, materials & Intuitive Eating book.; 949-478-5016
Appy Living
varies develops & promotes digital health content. Materials include iPad instruction, learning to use apps, health app directories for consumers & professionals, & health informatics acronyms. The app directories, titled An App A Day, contain suggestions for over 400 apps. The summer inaugural issue of Appy Living Magazine is free & is available in the store.

Catherine Frederico, MS RDN LDN,

The Healthy Body Calculator® calculates healthy weight, BMI and waist-to-hip ratio using height, weight, gender, age, pregnancy / breastfeeding status, amputated limbs, and activities for adults. Weight loss goals to lose, gain, or maintain included. Calculations consider athletes with lower body fat if body fat measurement added. Variable macronutrient calorie distribution from hi to lo protein, fat and carbohydrates is included. Your Nutrition Facts are customized for your weight goals and nutrient needs.

Joanne Larsen, MS, RD, LD

HELP Healthy Eating for Life Plan® creates healthy eating plans from 1200 to 5000 calories based on your calorie target, percent macronutrient calories, milk type, meat type, beans or not, snacks or not and alcohol within age and gender limits. Works for anyone older than 2 years. Eating plan linked to food lists with 800 healthy foods in HELP Essential Foods ™.

Joanne Larsen, MS, RD, LD

In need of an SEO-friendly website and creative collateral?  Looking to give your social media and email campaigns a boost? Don't know where to start with your Marketing POA (Plan of Action)? Carolyn is a marketing expert and RD-to-be! (508) 965-0875

Based on Dr.Brill's best-selling book, Cholesterol Down 10 Simple Steps to Lower Your Cholesterol in 4 Weeks Without Prescription Drugs, this exciting new app puts cholesterol control at your fingertips. Get started today!

Dr. Janet Brill

Steph has experience working with and representing various commodity groups as well as providing presentations and assisting with communications plans, strategy and social media. Her weekly blog interview series #WhatRDsDo continues to grow.

This set of online resources provides in-depth information on best practice guidelines, state licensure regulations, due diligence, web based forms, consent forms, email, password protection, encryption software, SSL certificates, HIPAA and more. Budget priced to pay for itself with just one online visit. You do not need a website to provide this service! 

Nadine Fisher

To be seen as the nutrition experts, we need to be seen - whether it's with a great website, cohesive brand, or engaging content like video. If you've struggled to find affordable services from someone who knows our business, or become overwhelmed trying to learn them yourself, let's connect! We'll create something truly unique to your brand and I'll teach you along the way, too. or on social media @whitneybateson
Food 4 Osteoporosis Online Eating Plan
$29.00 for 3 months, $99.00 for 12 months

Provides bone healthy menus, grocery lists and recipes online for every day of the year.  Includes guidelines for "Quick and Easy Menus", "Protein Needs for Strength Training" and "What to do with Leftovers".  All menus meet calcium requirements without the use of supplements and ensure adequate protein.  Menus and recipes change weekly.
Gene SNP DNA Screening Analysis
Call or email for current pricing for analysis and consultation.

Your health and lifestyle considerations can now be addressed by examining your unique, genetic makeup. No longer will you have to accept a one-size-fits-all vitamin and nutrition regimen. Modern genetic research has made available to you a customized nutritional program and lifestyle recommendations.

Angela B. Moore, MS, RD, CLT; (720)201-1128, Find Gene SNP DNA Analysis information under Nutrametrix Icon on Homepage.

Let us handle the insurance paperwork
You focus on what really matters

File claims in under 60 seconds with no codes- includes nutrition eligibligity checks
New to insurance? We can help you get set up 1-844-4RD-BILL

Moving your practice online may feel like a daunting task, but it's really quite simple. This guide takes you step by step so you can expand online to reach a larger audience and establish a new income stream.

Lisa Nelson, RD

KaiZenRD is a customizable EMR that eliminates your need for paper charts, produces professional client and physician notes while it electronically bills for FREE...all during your billable hours! A 50% time savings! It also includes a Pedi/Eating Disorder and LEAP component and produces outcomes reports you can use to generate addional referrals! 

Karen Kiver Patalano, MBA, RD, LDN, CDE, NHA,, (508)335-2452

Kalix is a HIPAA compliant EMR for RDs. Integrating client management, scheduling, secure messaging, charting, online forms and billing into a simple platform, Kalix increases the efficiency of your services while giving your clients the experience they deserve.

Claire Nichols, FC Software Solutions Los Angeles, California 844-688-6967

Based upon Anthony's Book, Males with Eating Disorders, this exciting new app puts this Extensive Research Article about Male Eating Disorder Information & Recovery on your Android phone.

Anthony Sepe. Dietitian, Author and CEO Medical Nutrition Therapy Services
MNT Assistant
$49.00 / Month

Providing Medical Nutrition Therapy? Then enhance your image, quality of service and your bottom line with the MNT Assistant - the ideal software solution for every dietitian providing Medical Nutrition Therapy and outpatient education. It enhances the therapeutic experience, reduces charting time, maximizes communication and facilitates rapid claims processing.

Medical Nutrition Therapy Northwest Phone: (866)850-5070; Fax: (503)652-5080

Nutrition Networks offers strategic and health focused communication, web development and design services with emphasis on emerging business technology. Services include website design, re-design, development, marketing, hosting, electronic or hard copy newsletters, and internet communications.

Nadine Fisher, 3025 Westberry Drive NE, Iowa City, IA 52240; (319)321-3603

Constantly asked nutrition questions? No time to research? Best-practices podcast updates in 5 mins. FREE: email, iTunes, RSS


Susan Mitchell, PhD, RDN, LDN, FAND

Weekly gluten-free meal plans: a grocery list + recipes for prepping food ahead of time. Spend only 2-3 hours prepping your food for the week! Chef Allison Stevens, MS, RD, LD, thoughtfully crafts each plan using her well-tested recipes. She aims to save you time while keeping your family's taste buds happy.

Nutritious Ways offers you a collection of  social media ready images which you can use to easily engage with your online followers and increase you social media presense. These images feature food and nature photography and promote a positive mindset and lifestyle. They are perfect for use on your social media outlets.