The #1 reason by I renew my AND membership is, without a doubt, the NEDPG. The support I have received, from this practice group, and its list-serve in particular, over the 11 years I have been in private practice is worth much more than the small membership fee I pay annually. I have connected with the most wonderful group of supportive RDs who have helped me start, grow and change by business over the years. Many of the dietitians who belong to this group are sole proprietors and we need to bounce ideas off of like-minded dietitians. The NE list serve provides an arena for us to network and reach out to others. In a lot of cases I am not sure how I would have gotten to the point I am without the dietitians I’ve met through NEDPG.

Kelly VanAllen-Braswell

Even though I’m in business for myself, it doesn’t mean I’m in business by myself and that’s because of NE! Starting my practice at age 25 was a whole lot easier because I had previously joined NE during school, joined the email listservs, and soaked up all the information I could. I knew which books to order and what dietitians specialized in what in case I had questions. I even got one of my first consulting jobs through a post on the listserv! I highly recommend that anyone who wants to start a nutrition practice, learn how to become a nutrition consultant, write a book, break into corporate wellness, or just network with successful RDs, join NE. If I were only in one DPG, it would definitely be NE!

I have been a member of NE for a very long time, it is the best DPG. i learn so much and it always has supported my dream of going it on my own. the fact that so many other RDNs have done this success

fully is truly inspiring, and a confidence builder. now that i have finally taken the plunge and quit my day job, i am using my member benefits more than ever, the newsletter on change was a big help and all those tips of the month, a treasure trove of valuable information.

MS, RDN, CSP, CNSC, Pediatric Nutrition Specialist

I would say I love being involved in NE because it has helped me transition into self- employment while still feeling like I have “coworkers”. The group of individuals in this committee are so warm, welcoming and helpful! I feel like I’m a part of something, which is huge in private practice!


Quickly here’s what comes to mind for me:

  • I work in a vacuum (all by myself) and NE has opened up my world to colleagues who are willing to share and help each other.
  • The benefits of membership outweighs the cost (especially at less than 10 cents a day).
  • As an entrepreneurial RDN in private practice NE is THE DPG! It has been immensely helpful in my practice.
  • I love, love, love my fellow NEers. They are creative and innovative thinking nutrition entrepreneurs and it rub offs.
  • I have met amazing colleagues with whom I have made life long friendships.
MS, RDN, CDE, CDN, Nutritionist, Private Practice

I renewed my membership with NE because I feel like I get tangible benefits from being in the group. I originally joined because I did not know what area of dietetics I was most interested in, but I knew that I liked learning from people who are creative, innovative, and ambitious (which NEDPG RDs definitely are!). The great thing about NE is that you learn new things about every area of dietetics – clinical nutrition, counseling, running your own business, and much more just by reading the daily emails. I was even able to help proofread a cookbook for an RD before it got published! Plus, the webinars are always on topics that are relevant and interesting, and I love that I have access to watch them whenever my busy schedule allows.

2015-2016 Dietetic Intern

I am a member of the Nutrition Entrepreneurs Practice Group because I have in the past received some valuable advice. Also I like to learn about some of the topics that have been discussed on the list serve.

Linda Bojman

Many years ago at a FNCE, I was invited by a colleague to stop at the NE members reception, which turned out to be, for me, the greatest experience ever. I was immediately welcomed and made to f

eel at home by so many members, all of them several decades younger than me. Business cards, stories, experiences and expertise were shared, and way too soon the evening ended and it was time to move on. I realized then I’d kept my good friend and colleague hanging, as we had planned to make this a short stop and move on to a dinner… Neither of us regretted it, and the very next day I joined NE.

What NE does for me now: I can keep in touch with old and new friends, remain excited about all the new things I learn every day, keep my sense of amazement at the entrepreneural talent in the group, and gather ideas to keep my own, now small business, alive and well. The generosity of this group is only matched by the talent.

I’m a member of Nutrition Entrepreneurs because … over 3,500 NE members are instantly at my fingertips just a click away, ready to provide the missing links for my entrepreneurial life no matter what direction it takes me.

MS, RDN, LDN, CNS, FADA, FAND, NE Treasurer 2015-2017

I am a Nutrition Entrepreneur DPG member because I found that throughout all of my years as a Nutrition Science major during undergrad and now Dietetic Intern/Grad student I was most fulfilled when I ventured out to seize unique opportunities and solo projects. I always found myself engaging in nutrition activities that had nothing to do with obtaining school credit, but had everything to do with just my pursuit of happiness as a nutrition professional. It was then I realized that pursing entrepreneurship in the field must be my calling so immediately I added the NEDPG to my Academy Student Membership.

Monica Salafia
Dietetic Intern

I’m a member of Nutrition Entrepreneurs because … NE is where the movers and shakers in the profession can be found. Members are always willing to share information to shorten your learning cycle. With the NE membership investment, you also gain access to 7 specialty groups to further enhance you knowledge base.

Linda S. Eck Mills
MBA, RDN, LDN, FADA, Career Coach, International Speaker, Author

I am a member of NE DPG because after being a small business owner for 5 years and then becoming a second career dietitian student…I wanted to get reconnected with entrepreneurial-like minded individuals as I pursue my future as an RD. The NE EML has provided me a wealth of information as a college student and future business owner too! I can easily turn to the EML on a daily basis to learn new things that are not taught in college! And…the relationships I’ve made in the last year through the EML and my first year at FNCE (which were also solely because of my activity on the NE EML) have provided me with knowledge I value so much!

Chere, Dr. Penny, Barbara and Linda were all so gracious to meet me for dinner in Nashville last year and that pretty much kicked of my membership in the Academy…what a GREAT way to jumpstart a second career dietetic students path!


Dietetic Student

I am a member of NE because it curbs the loneliness that comes with being a solo nutrition entrepreneur. I have met many new friends via NE, both in person at meetings, as well online, via the list serv. Plus, I appreciate the wealth of collected knowledge in this amazing group. Someone always has an answer to any question I might have.

MS RD CSSD, Sports Nutrition Counselor

Being a member of NE is like having 4000 amazing colleagues just an email away!

I have been a member of NE since the 1980s and had the privilege of serving on the executive committee. I highly recommend this fabulous DPG to all RDNs because its members come from all areas in the field of nutrition. I’ve worked in many different areas over my 30+ year career and I always find the information shared on the EML, in the Ventures newsletter and in the NE meetings and sessions at FNCE to be both inspirational and practical. You don’t have to own a business to benefit from NE membership. If you want to stay on the cutting edge of nutrition, stay motivated and inspired, then the NE DPG is for you!