The “Type Be” Entrepreneur

By: Moe Schlachter, MS, RD, LD, CDE

One of the most common phrases you’ll hear around the RDN and entrepreneur circuits is that you’re in the company of a lot of Type A’s. The personality type is characterized by ambition, drive, competitiveness, and urgency. These traits are valuable and can be leveraged to build and grow your brand and influence. Additionally, there is so much pressure to grow and build or fall behind. Self-care is a nice idea and we may even get to that when things slow down. When presented with a choice of being or doing the value can seem lopsided. Doing = progress and being = stagnation. Or is there more to it?

To be is to feel, appreciate, recharge and evolve. It also protects us from developing inertia on a course we did not intend to travel. To be is to let go at least for a moment. To be humble enough to acknowledge the big picture and have the confidence that you don’t have to choose between success and wellbeing.

Mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, spending time with yourself, taking a stroll or lying perfectly still. These are some examples of being. Feel, accept, and let go. Take note of the impact this has on your wellbeing and productivity as well!


  1. Kristina L Hokenson

    This is such an important topic! I notice that when I just push and don’t slow down I often times will end up getting sick and then I have to completely stop. It is so important to make self care a top priority (fuel in the tank, good sleep, taking deep breaths, laughing or doing something just for fun)! Thanks for this!

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