Tip of the Month – May 2019

Spring Cleaning for the Season and Beyond

Spring is in full swing, and it’s a season that is often associated with clearing out the clutter for a fresh start. Improved productivity, reduced stress, enhanced creativity, and saved time are just a few of the benefits associated with creating a neat and tidy environment. If you’re in cleaning mode, here are three areas to focus on that can help you set yourself and your business up for success in the coming months:

The physical space where you work may feel like the most obvious thing to tackle first. Recycle and donate what you can, discard whatever should be thrown out, and then consider investing in things like drawer organizers, a small filing cabinet, or anything else that can provide a home for the items that remain.

Next up are your virtualf ` spaces. Start by deleting old documents on your computer, and organize the rest into folders; on your phone, remove apps that haven’t been used and discard photos, files, and text messages that are no longer needed; go through your email inbox and unsubscribe from messages you no longer want to receive, then organize a folder system and set up filters for automatic routing; finally, review who/what you’re following on social media, and unfollow or mute anything that’s not bringing value to you.

Last, and certainly not least, this is the perfect time to declutter our minds. Maybe it’s finally time to start that mindfulness practice you’ve been wanting to commit to; perhaps journaling or therapy could help you process thoughts and feelings that need to be expressed; or maybe you have a running to-do list in your mind, and a task management system, like bullet journaling, is what you need.

Once the heavy lifting is done, don’t forget to make time for routine maintenance on a weekly or monthly basis, so you can benefit from your spring cleaning all year long!

Nancy Sidnam

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