Tip of the Month- January 2021: Simplify

There are so many tools that can help the entrepreneur that it can feel
overwhelming. People will recommend various apps and the feeling that you
need to have them all can seem daunting.
Simplify by considering these three communication tools for your practice:
1. Cloud storage
Google drive, Dropbox, or Onedrive. Saving your files and
documents in a place that you can access no matter what device you are
on or where in the world you are is critical. You can share files with others,
or just keep it all to yourself. And gone are the days of having lost a file
because the computer “crashed.” Each of the storage services have their
pro’s and con’s but find what works best for you.
2. Calendar appointment program
Whether you choose Calendly, Acuity, or
another program, these programs sync with your calendar and allows
people to book an appointment with you, get reminders, and even answer
basic screening questions without you having to go back and forth with a
dozen emails or playing phone-tag.
3. A business phone number
You don’t need a second phone for this, just a
second phone number. Keep your current phone but have a second phone
number that is used on your website, business pages, business cards, and
give out to people you don’t quite know yet. The second number still rings
to your phone, but you can leave a different greeting and not answer it
“after hours.” There are several services that do this including Google
While there are many more tools for the entrepreneur (and solopreneur) –
these are ones that I find are essential for my business and sanity.

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