Tip of the Month- December 2020: Outsource and Delgate to Grow

“If YouTube can’t teach you in 3 minutes or less or in 5 steps or less, delegate it!”

As [nutrition] entrepreneurs, we often find ourselves wanting to do ALL aspects of our businesses – working with clients, scheduling, accounting, marketing, website design, graphic design, blogging, and the list goes on and on. The reality is that we can’t do it all and learning to delegate is critical in helping our businesses grow.

As a fellow RD-preneur, I tried to do it all – especially at the beginning of starting my practice. I spent and wasted a lot of time trying to figure out tasks that simply were not my specialty. Doing so hindered my growth and only created stress (and even some resentment) toward my business. I soon learned that if I wanted to achieve my monthly goals, I was going to have to let some things be taken care of by others. Whether I worked with a professional, a student, or an intern that could achieve each task, their support was going to move me forward – instead of backward.

My recommendation is that if a task takes you more than 3 minutes of YouTube video to learn or takes more than 5 Google steps to achieve, you should delegate and/or outsource it. The internet has great tutorials on all things business. However, it does not mean that we need to spend countless hours trying to figure out how to build a website, create an email marketing campaign, start a full membership, or anything else we may not know how to do. As business owners, we have to remember that our time is valuable and when we spend more time serving our customers and sharing our gifts, and less time with tasks that dietetics school didn’t teach us, our businesses will grow and the ROIs will be exceptionally worth it.

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  1. Amen! But I couldn’t learn excel in 3 minutes, but so glad I do know how to edit/update my own info! So I might stretch that 3/5 minutes thing a bit!
    Most painful business mistake I ever made? Buying a mac after 25 years on a PC. It was a slow, painful process and not intuitive at all!! (Press four keys at the same time for a screenshot? Instead of just pressing a screenshot button?)

    Nearly 2 years & I’m still finding things frustrating.

    Definitely many hours of classes, videos, and tech-support help.

    But, I have learned to love some things about it and how it speaks to my iPhone. But in retrospect, I probably should’ve returned it after a month & gone back to Lenovo.

  2. This is super helpful and timely information for me as I work with Holly Clegg’s cookbooks and TheHealthyCookingBlog.com….trying to do all the things (well) especially in COVID is impossible. Thank you for this wisdom and freedom.
    Lee Jackson, LDN, RD