The Power Of A “Thank You” Note

“Thank you!” How many times have you said these two simple words to the clients who have supported you and your business or perhaps to your mentors, colleagues, and potential referral sources? I have been writing thank-you notes for as long as I have learned how to write. My mother instilled this habit on me at an early age by making sure I wrote thank-you notes to family and friends that sent me gifts for holidays and birthdays. I guess this has rubbed off on me as I continue to send out handwritten thank- you’s. It’s funny too that some people will actually thank ME for taking the time to write THEM a thank-you note!

It seems amazing and it’s true. Sending a simple thank-you note to a client, for example, who has just solicited your business for the first time can yield considerable power and influence and reflect very favorably on you and your company. By sending a thank-you note, you show your clients common courtesy and respect. So few new business owners send thank-you notes and by you making that critical step in writing one automatically helps you stand out. A thank-you note also gives you an opportunity to speak to your client directly and even more important personally. A thank-you note also demonstrates your written communication skills. Furthermore, clients get to see firsthand that customer service is an important aspect of your business practices.

I know most of us lead crazy, busy lives, yet, we must make sure to take the time to say “thank-you.” It’s these little “things” that provide long-lasting positive impressions and relationships.

Tip of the Month: January 2014

Chrissy Barth

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