September 2017: When Less Is More

When Less Is More

As entrepreneurs, the possibilities for ways to grow our business seem endless. At times, we can feel overwhelmed by the tantalizing array of offerings we can provide to our clients. Maybe the menu is so vast that we have trouble deciding, prioritizing, and organizing. This is where “less can be more.”

Say less:
Although we are experts in our field and have great knowledge, often one or two impactful statements can resonate more than lengthy explanations or messages. Saying less conveys confidence, power, and clarity. Succinct statements allow the listener to focus on the quality of the statement. The message may not reach thousands of people but hopefully will reach potential clients. Less is more is not necessarily about building a robust business community; it’s about nurturing an engaged one.

Do less:
When we focus on doing less and doing it well instead of doing more and assuming it’s better, we’re more organized, deliberate, and present.
We’ve been conditioned to measure success by what we got done. If we didn’t check enough things off our to-do lists, we feel like we didn’t accomplish enough and therefore, we didn’t succeed. Instead of measuring ourselves by what we got done, we should measure our success by how we make people feel. Connecting well with a client is what our profession is about. When they respect and trust us, they will return.

Have less:
In business, having free space can feel uncomfortable. We may feel compelled to fill the void of an empty office with impressive things or fill our calendar with appointments and commitments to avoid the discomfort. Instead, fill free time and space with things that really matter to you. Carefully choose things that represent you and your profession well. Fill your open calendar spots with self-reflection about your business, its vision and goals. As Terry Guillemets said: “Clutter smothers; simplicity breathes.”

Maria McConville, MS,RDN,CPT
NE DPG Secretary

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