October Tip of the Month – Make the Most of FNCE

It’s FNCE season! Whether you are a pro or a newbie, everyone can fine tune their ability to network and make the most of FNCE. While it can be overwhelming and tiring, a few tips can help you maximize your time and head home feeling locked and loaded to tackle your business dreams and plans.

1. Create an exhibit hall plan – There are so many great exhibitors and companies at FNCE, but it is impossible to make meaningful connections with every booth! Take a few hours before you ever get on the plane to DC and look through the exhibitors. Make a top ten list of the ones you definitely want to stop by and talk to and then a secondary list of the next ten you want to visit. If you work with or want to work with specific brands, those should likely make your top ten. Come up with one to two things you want to accomplish when talking to them and jot them down so you can reference them before you visit their booth. Finally, plan the exhibit hall out logistically. Look at the locations of the different booths and map your course accordingly!

2. Weave together a networking plan – There are so many events at FNCE and lots of you will be invited to all of them! Pick your top events and what might benefit you and your business best, and click “Attend” on those invitations. Then if there are other possibilities, click “Maybe” and decide later, if possible. Use that time too meet new people, fellowship with old friends and strategize some business relationships, if that is a goal of yours. These events are great for all of the above, but you need to know what is most important to you before attending. You might have a different goal at different events, but know that going in so you leave feeling you accomplished your goal.

3. Attend at least one NE Event – NE offers a variety of events at FNCE from breakfasts to networking events to specialty group meetings. While we think they are all the best, we know that members have lots of things to do in a short few days! However, NE is full of networking and business building opportunities and we would love for you to be a part of as many as you can. We strive to serve our members and hope we can open opportunities for you to meet new people and connect with old at out events so be sure to check them out!

Finally, have fun! It is a full few days, but jam packed with opportunities! Make the most of them, but be sure you have a strategy so you leave refreshed versus beat down! See you at FNCE!

Amy Goodson, MS, RD, CSSD, LD
Speakers and Media Specialty Group Leader

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