June 2017: You Work So Hard: Do You Back Up Your Computer System?

Everyday you work so hard. Most of your work is probably on your computer right? When was the last time you backed up your entire system? What would happen if your computer was stolen, died and no longer worked or was destroyed in a fire? A back up plan should be part of your overall business strategy. Without it, you stand to lose a lot. Evaluate your current backup system and consider these three tips:

1. Check out the backup that may be part of your system such as Time Machine for Mac. Very handy, you have an immediate go-to if you need to retrieve a document. But this backup is on your system.

2. Next consider a separate hard drive that’s large enough to back up your documents and other important files. Set it up to perform a backup at least daily.

3. If the majority of your business is digital or you have files that cannot be lost or destroyed, consider a cloud back up service. As reasonable as $5 per month, your entire system will be backed up and available should your computer or hard drive back ups fail…and they do.

Susan Mitchell, PhD, RDN, LDN, FAND – NE Social Media & Technology Specialty Chair

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