January Tip of the Month – 2018

New year, new you! The beginning of the year is always an easy time to incorporate a sustainable goal in your life. However, less than 10% of people keep up with their resolution by December. Let’s approach 2018 realistically and put less focus on the outcome and more on HOW we’re going to reach our goal instead.

Do you want to open your own practice? Make a particular income by 12/31? Increase your social media following? Map it out and have a game plan to guide you to success!

1. Break up your ultimate goal into weekly and monthly tasks. Let January be your research month and start doing your due diligence by reading blogs, attending webinars, or taking Google by its reins. Even with an “I can do everything myself” entrepreneurial spirit, don’t feel like you have to reinvent the wheel. The NEdpg listserv has answers to almost every question, and if not, then this could also be a chance for you to contribute and network!

2. Print out a monthly/yearly calendar or e-planner and set firm deadlines for yourself. When we don’t have a teacher or boss looming over our shoulders, it’s too easy to keep saying “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Scheduling it into your agenda with the same importance as a business meeting will ensure your task doesn’t get left in the dust.

3. A little organization goes a long way. Develop your ideas using the S.M.A.R.T goal method to fine-tune your roadmap to success. Having measurable objectives help provide focus and increase motivation.

Always remember little changes lead to big success! 2018 is your year to shine.

Tara Condell, MS, RDN
Social Media Coordinator

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