How to Feel Accomplished Every Day

In today’s multitasking world, we easily get distracted. And some days, we do everything else but what we really needed to do. It’s time to get productive!

Make a to-do list each and every day, starting with the most important or draining tasks first, so you get them done! And focus on each task as you go. If you’re writing a blog post, close your internet and email tabs, so you can remain focused. If you’re answering emails, don’t pick up the phone call from your sister. Return the call later when you have time.

Stay focused and pick only 2-3 high-priority tasks that are realistic for you to get done in a given day. And work when you’re at your best. For most, our energy is at the start of the day and you can only do so many “high-powered” mental tasks in a 24-hour period. Do the ones you must do and check them off as you go. You’ll feel accomplished and less stressed later.

We take care of everyone else. Now, start taking care of YOU. It’s amazing what happens when we focus!

Tip of the Month: October 2013

Corinne Dobbas, MS, RD

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