February 2018 Tip Of The Month: Feruary Is Vote Month!

Hello NE!

Happy Heart Month!

Heart health is near and dear to my heart (pun intended) and I hope you are all sharing news about food and nutrition as it pertains to heart health this month. Tag me with your news on social media – I’d love to see it!

Continuing our journey to constantly hone our communication skills as entrepreneurs, my January “Thoughts for Thursday” email on our electronic mailing list (EML) highlighted the word – Articulate.

C is for Communication
O is for Openness
M is for Mutual
M is for Media Messages
U is for Utterance
N is for Notice
I  is for Inclusive
C is for Connections
A is for Articulate: Expressing oneself readily, clearly, and effectively.

A recent Toastmaster’s meeting speech covered how important volume, tone, and word emphasis is when we are speaking. The tone of our voice is important when we are talking with others. If a potential client calls you – do you sound enthusiastic? Confident? Inquisitive? You also want to be sure you are annunciating clearly, not talking too quickly (allow pauses to think, and for emphasis), and keep a tone that shows you are interested and captivated.

When communicating via email, be sure to include details, a salutation and appropriate email signature, ask/answer specific questions, use a respectful writing “tone”, and follow up in a timely manner.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with your feedback and new ideas that can move NE forward into the second century!

A reminder to be sure to follow Nutrition Entrepreneurs on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (#NEDPG), and remember, the Academy Election is open, and voting period is shorter this year. The last day to VOTE is February 15! Don’t go unheard. Vote!

Rosanne Rust, MS, RDN, LDN
2017-2018 Chair Nutrition Entrepreneurs DPG

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