December 2017: Find JOY In The Moments!

“It’s the mosssst wonderful time of the year!” Well, for some it is and for some, it is not… For some, it can bring out the amazing memories and nostalgia of years gone by or of awkward family dinners and work parties, expectations of presents, not having enough time and simply STRESS. I know that we all experience the holidays differently but I thought for December’s tip of the month I would give a few ideas on how to enjoy this season more… especially as my life is about to change dramatically with the birth of my first baby boy arriving any day now!!

Embrace the interactions: Dread your spouse’s work Christmas party or the family get-togethers due to the awkward exchanges or years of not seeing each other? Well, get over it and decide this year is going to be different (Like my sympathy?) Come up with a few questions to get the other person talking and you may find you have more in common than you think and quite enjoy the interactions! Get comfortable feeling uncomfortable – I know we’ve all heard that before! Or find things that you can embrace about the parties…. The delicious food and drinks, the fashions, the ugly sweaters or the twinkling lights – there is something to enjoy!

Embrace the hustle and bustle: Decide that this year is going to be different! No road rage in the parking lot of Macy’s, instead, see what happens when you smile at the other road-rageous drivers. Or dread the long lines at the grocery store? Smile and make conversation with the person in front of you! This may change both of your days!

Embrace their JOY: If you have a hard time with those things, I get it and I definitely feel you! Well, then embrace others’ joy. This can be the hardest of all. Anyone heard the phrase, “misery loves company”? But I dare you this season to look beyond your own feelings and enjoy the season. This may not change your business or your life but it will definitely help you to walk into 2018 with a smile and a fresh perspective – which in the end, may change your business or life!

Abigail Joy Dougherty, RDN

Director of Member Services

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