Business or Busyness?

Last time I contributed to Tip of the Month, I wrote about why “Less is More.” It’s a theme that’s been resonating with me as I consider my best business strategies. I recently read a book, Soulful Simplicity by Courtney Carver, and here is the insight I gleaned:

“I’m so busy”…how many times each day do we hear that? Maybe we hear ourselves saying that. It seems we wear our busyness like a badge of honor. In creating a nutrition consulting business, consider the big difference between business and busyness – despite the fact there is only a one-letter difference.

To assess the difference between your business and busyness, ask yourself these questions:

Do I complain about my busyness but secretly am proud of it?
Do I use my busyness as a sign that I am important, needed or really good at doing everything?
Is being busy more important than actually getting things done?
Is busyness part of my definition of success?

Instead of measuring your business (or yourself) by what you got done, measure it by how you treat people and how you engage in your work. And instead of thinking that the opposite of busyness is laziness, consider that the opposite of a frenetic, busy life is a full, intentional life.

End busyness and get down to business:

Don’t say yes when your heart says no.
Work with people who want your best, not your busiest.
Stop telling people how busy you are.
Don’t let your devices run your life.
Measure success more by what’s in your heart and less by what you’ve checked off your to-do list

When you are able to accomplish these, you will create a soul-centered, purposeful, fulfilling business.

by Maria McConville, MS, RD, CWC & Coaches Specialty Group Leader


  1. Brittany Bauer

    This is such a great tip of the month. I find myself feeling frantic due to busyness throughout the day. Often times, I am worried that if I am not busy, then I am not doing my job well enough. Now that I am seeking to start my own practice, this will be so important to keep in mind. It also applies well when working for others. Quality better than quantity.

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