April Tip of the Month

Finish What You Started

At first glance, “finish what you started” sounds like a lesson in following through with commitments. It is that. But for the purposes of this post, it’s simpler yet can profound message that could change your day.

Does this sound like ONE hour of your day? This is my last hour…
Email work stuff
Check on 5 year old with 103.5 degree fever panting on couch
Text moms with sick kids
Add to to-do list
Skype co-worker about something that bugs me
Start “Tip of the Month”
Email work stuff
Sort markers from colored pencils
Think about 3500 word article due in 5 days
Skype co-worker about DGAC public meeting
Text other moms in Reeve’s class who have sick kids
Look at to-do list
Put in load of laundry
Review doc for work
Let dog in
Pull stack of tax docs off shelf – remember to send to accountant
Email work stuff
Look at to-do list
Check temperature of child, give her Motrin
Laundry in dryer
Reeve’s crying again
Back to this Tips

I’m a spinning top. In the time it took me to do this tip, I have left the desk 3 times, answered 5 text messages, started 3 emails, answered 4 emails, responded to 6 Skype messages, initiated 2 Skype messages and re-read my to-do list 4 times. During this time, I flittered from several topics, tasks and to-dos. And how do I feel?

Agitated. And like I have not accomplished a darn thing.

So my tip to you (but mostly to myself) – throughout the entire day – finish what you started, however big or small. You may just get something done.


Jenna A. Bell, PhD, RD, DPG Delegate and Policy and Advocacy Leader, has traveled the world on points, lived in 8 different states – including NYC and Chicago – got engaged on the Great Wall of China, completed Ironman twice and is now completely out of her league chasing two ladies aged 2 and 4.


  1. Kristina L Hokenson

    As I am reading this, I have a sick kid on the couch, a crazy messy kitchen, half folded laundry, a few email that are still drafts… I have been putting a little bit of scattered time into everything and it’s leaving me frazzled. Finish what you started is a great advice! It seems like everything works better when you can clear the space of the unfinished projects floating around our brains 🙂

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