3 Ways Simplicity Can Boost Your Business

Rethink the meaning of efficiency

Sometimes when we think about being efficient in our work, we often think of doing the most meaningful things in the least amount of time. While this can definitely help boost your business, I challenge you to rethink what it means to be efficient to you personally. Take a look at your business systems and reevaluate them. How do your clients set up an appointment with you? Are there a lot of steps that may deter them from booking? What does your paperwork look like? How do you go about marketing yourself? Take the time to self assess these systems and see where you can make it just a little simpler for yourself and your clients. 

Streamline your messaging

How you portray yourself and your business on social media, your website, or even just word of mouth is one of the top challenges I hear from other nutrition entrepreneurs. Think about how you can make your “elevator pitch” or messaging on your site and simple and easy to understand as possible. Start by using this template (and make it your own!), “I help [type of person] [do this (verb)] without [common pain point].” This statement should come through in every piece of content you create.

Set boundaries

Lastly, start the new year off by setting protective and firm limits around yourself and your time. This will help cultivate simplicity in your business practices and ensure that you have time to spend doing other things outside of work. You can start to do this by evaluating your schedule and seeing where you can add blocks of free time or place boundaries into your routine. 

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