3 Things I Wish I Had Known When I Graduated

I graduated with a Master of Science degree in Clinical Dietetics & Nutrition-in a coordinated program where I also completed my internship. I was clear on what I did and didn’t like in the field but also unclear on how to reach my big goals. Looking back now, there are things I wish I had known…

1. You don’t have to go the safe route.
I chose an out of the box route for an RD at that time (corporate wellness technology) and dove head first. I actually worked at a large, prestigious hospital throughout school and was urged to ‘get a role there’ since they knew me. But I knew it wasn’t for me. I chose the more ‘unknown route’ and am glad I did-it led to me excelling quickly in my role, being promoted to run an on-site program that I rolled out nation-wide and learned the ropes of product creation, sales and account management that I could then apply to my own business that I opened a few years later.
2. Messy is better than perfect.
Just start. Stop holding yourself back. Stop waiting for the perfect moment or solution. Show up even when no one is cheering. Stop expecting things to land in your lap. Hire a mentor if you’re confused but put in the work. When I first started I worked NON-STOP. No it wasn’t healthy but I knew it’s what I wanted.
3. Business, sales and marketing are things you may not have learned but will want to.
They are key to understand no matter what you do, honestly. And are things I am glad I learned through my career and continuing to learn now. Read books (I want to do a post on my faves), listen to podcasts, pick someone’s brain on how to generate sales/market, invest in yourself by hiring a mentor/coach if you’re not actively learning in your role. As an RD, you don’t learn this in school but is super valuable.

Deanna Wolfe MS, RDN, LD

Corporate Wellness Specialty Group Leader

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  1. Oh thank you for your comments I am just really deciding today finally that I need to develop this private practice in Central Kentucky because I really feel there is a market here and it would be a way to practice my passion for nutrition and generate some revenue