How to Host a Mini-Meeting

Getting together with local like-minded NE members is a fantastic way to make connections, help others and create a community of like-minded professionals.  Here are some tips below:

Decide what type of event you would like to host. In order to market the event to fellow ideas, first create some sort of “theme” or structure to the gathering. Below are some suggestions based on what has been done in the past, but feel free to be creative!

  1. Invite a guest speaker (i.e. a local marketing whiz, someone with a successful business, even if not in dietetics).
  2. Pick a topic and have all participants speak for two minutes on it, either with questions or helping others (i.e. growing your business, marketing, reimbursement).
  3. Hold an informal networking session where everyone just introduces themselves, give a brief bio about where they are, and where they would like to be.Tips: Do you know of any company or business that may be willing to donate food, a raffle item, or something else for your event? Do you have any contacts or areas of expertise that the group could really benefit from? Has an author in your area recently written a book that may appeal to the group who could come as a guest speaker?

Decide where you will hold the event. You can choose a public or private space for the event. Our members have done a variety of things in the past, including the following:

• See if anyone has access to a conference room at work
• Meet at a local Starbucks or coffee shop
• Meet at someone’s home for a potluck, wine & cheese, or an afternoon coffee
• Meet at a restaurant bar for drinks
• Meet at someone’s place of work where there is a conducive space to meet
• Meet at a local farm or CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

Decide a time and date for the event. Consider when people may be most likely to get together. A Sunday afternoon? A week night? And remember to think about school vacations and holidays so try not to pick anything around those times. It can be helpful to ask a few RDs in your area who may be interested in attending what dates, times may work best for them, and then build the meeting around that core group.

Write up a brief description of the event. Write up a brief description of the event. Include all relevant details as well as contact info and send to be included on the website and in Ventures.

Email the Director of Meetings to get you all set up with the following: Getting your event posted to the website, including the Mini-Meeting Forum, potential funding for your meeting and contact list of NE members in your state.

  • Mini-Meeting Standard Grant – $100 towards meeting costs as well as time/efforts spent towards meeting planning and execution
  • Continuing Education Mini-Meeting Grant – $200 towards meeting costs, time/efforts spent toward application for CEUs, meeting planning and execution

After the event, assign someone (perhaps yourself, or another participant) to write up a brief paragraph of the event to NE. This way we can pool all of this information for Ventures and the website, highlighting all of our members in action!

Note: While we encourage all participants in the NE Mini Meetings to join NE, this is not a requirement. A Mini NE Meeting can be a great place for potential members to get a taste of the benefit of joining NE.

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