Congratulations to our Chromebook Winners!

First off, thank you to everyone who logged on, updated your profile, and posted to the forums.  Your participation will help get our website running at full steam and making connections across our DPG!

Without further ado, the winners of the Chromebook Contest are:

Kara Harris, RDN, CSG, Eleanor Baker, MS, RD/N, LD/N, and Jessica Lin, RD

Here is what they have to say about the new website!

From Kara Harris, RDN, CSG:

I have to say that as a budding nutrition entrepreneur, I am so grateful for all that the NEdpg has to offer – from content to connection, I have found the NE Hub to be vital as I navigate this new area within the dietetic profession. There is a plethora of resources, mentorship availability, and a network of like-minded professionals at your fingertips! The information and support provided within the NE Hub is immeasurable.


From Eleanor Baker, MS, RD/N, LD/N:

I think the challenge was great in generating activity on the Hub platform. It helps to create more of a community across the country with our DPG. Looking at the conversations on there and the discussions on the FB page, it appears that all members can use a platform to bounce ideas off of each other. I like that the hub it broken down into subjects and sub categories to help find answers easily where as the discussion on the FB page is chronological so if a good answer was posted a year ago, it can easily get lost. I enjoyed using the hub and plan to be a frequent contributor!

From Jessica Lin, RD:

I found the new website layout very easy to use.  It was easy to spot the different groups and I really like the list of groups on the right side.  The people on the platform are super friendly and very helpful in giving advice!  


Congratulations to our winners!

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