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Rules for posting?

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    What are the rules for posting on the Member MarketPlace Group? Is it restricted by last name for posting or can we post any time? Will products and services be categorized in any way going forward?

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    Hi Linda,

    Thanks for your question.  There is no restriction on when you can post to the member marketplace.

    For the moment, the marketplace is an open forum, though we hope to create some formal categories in the future, based on member interest and needs.


    Jennifer Watson, MS, RDN

    NE Website Coordinator

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    Basic guidelines for advertising can be found here, within our netiquette guidlines:

    Advertising –
    NE members are allowed to advertise their products/services in the following ways:
    In the Member Marketplace (which is a public group on
    via their email signatures
    In Profile > Edit > Products & Services.  This is visible when anyone views a Profile.
    The Cover Image of a members Profile can be changed to be a promotional image or business logo, but the headshot image must be an actual headshot of the member.
    Limitations to Advertising:
    The Member Name in a profile must be their personal name and cannot be the name of a business.
    No advertisements are allowed within Forums other than those within the Member Marketplace Group.  No advertisements will be placed within the NE Hub Forums, or any Specialty Group Forums.
    We recommend being judicious with advertising and not promoting a business or service unless it makes sense in the context of a conversation. If the NE Hub Review Committee feels a member is taking advantage of advertising opportunities to the point of distraction from other topics, it will contact the member directly and, if necessary, follow the steps in Section A-7 (Suspension and Removal from the NE Hub).

    Please keep the questions coming – your input will help make the best it can be for our members!

    Jennifer Watson, MS, RDN

    NE Website Coordinator

    [email protected]


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