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Self publishing

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    Laura A Terrazas-Burbulys


    Can anyone speak about the pros and cons of self publishing.  Also, I am wondering when first starting out on publishing something what type/ how much income the published article, book etc. brought in.


    Laura Terrazas, MSc, RDN, CLT



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    Jessica A Setnick

    I’ve published both ways and I prefer self-publishing, but it’s not for everyone. You don’t have to have anyone else’s approval, but you also don’t have anyone else’s help. So it’s great if you’re

    • self-motivated
    • a good writer
    • willing to pay for services you need to delegate
    • able to pay upfront for printing to get a bulk discount (if you’re printing books vs. e-books)
    • a niche expert with a current fan base
    • good at marketing.

    If you want to publish a physical book, there are several excellent and thorough self-publishing manuals out there – they are very thick books because there is a lot involved, especially if you want it to look professional as opposed to homemade. But self-publishing an e-book doesn’t have a lot of costs associated and if you don’t care about it being sold in bookstores, you can have a book spiral bound at a copy shop or even spiral bind it yourself. As for how much money, of course that depends on your pricing and sales minus your costs. If you can keep your overhead low, target a specific need of a specific market and produce a book of value, the sky’s the limit, especially because a book often opens doors due to the credibility and visibility it offers. Good luck with your venture!

    Jessica Setnick

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    Jennifer E Brewer

    I have also done both, and have enjoyed both routes for different reasons. I agree completely with what Jessica Setnick put in her list – it’s a great way to go, if you are willing to go through the learning curve and do all of the little things it takes to get there.

    Julie Beyer has a fantastic book that is very clear and straightforward in walking through the self-publishing steps. I used it with my first book and it was perfect at getting through all of the tiny steps that are required to get through the self-publishing route.


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