Ask for Help! Mastermind! Collaborate! Celebrate!

We as dietitians all have different talents and abilities ranging from writing, counseling, photography, coaching, video, speaking and media and cooking abilities. Instead of thinking of other FABULOUS dietitians as threats, competition or especially get all up into that icky and stinky compare-itis; why don’t we celebrate our differences, ask for help, mastermind and collaborate!! […]

Find Your Inner Chef

You went to school for nutrition and if your education was anything like mine, it lacked constructive information about how to prepare the great foods we, as dietitians, are always recommending. A disservice? Absolutely! Because how are you supposed to effectively communicate to your patients and clients the proper way to cook these foods if […]

Self-Promotion Made Easy

As a second career dietitian whose first career was in public relations, you’d think I’d find self-promotion easy. It’s not. It’s one thing to be an unbiased third party, it’s another thing when the business is YOU and you’re emotionally tied to it. That said, once you’re used to it, self-promotion can actually be fun. […]