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This is more than a cookbook, its a new way of preparing food.  A rice cooker makes one pot meal preparation quick, fool proof, offers great versatility and is portable.  The book is full of healthy, simple recipes each a complete meal with a lean protein, healthy starch, non-starchy vegetable, anti-inflammatory ingredient(s), nutrient breakdown and helpful nutrition information.

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Learn how to manage the stress in your life with proven strategies so you can turn these moments into success and avoid unwanted weight gain!

This online home study program breaks it down into 3 simple steps:

1. Embrace a healthy mindset

2. Create healthy habits

3. Take action

Includes video training, PowerPoint slides, MP3, an action guide and lots of BONUSES!

(516) 486-4569

Enjoy 25 anti-aging smoothie recipes with less than 300 calories per smoothie that are gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, vegan, and contain protein to keep your skin radiant and vibrant. The smoothies are separated into five different anti-aging categories including Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Beta-Carotene, Omega-3s, and Polyphenols.

Sarah Koszyk, MA, RDN, 415-531-5148

Snacks Under 250 Calories At Home, At School or Work, On the Go, At a Convenience Store, or For Your Sweet Tooth.
Using this book, you will be able to:

  • Learn what a healthy snack is
  • Understand how to easily plan and prep snacks
  • Know how to choose a healthy snack from a store when on the road
  • Get 365 snack examples to fuel and nourish you daily​
Sarah Koszyk, MA, RDN, 415-531-5148

This book opens the door to hundreds of practical tips, strategies and solutions for raising a healthy child. Over 400 Registered Dietitians, who are moms like you, have contributed not only what they do, but why it's important.

Stop wasting your time with diets that don't work!

This free e-book will get you started on your intuitive eating journey by giving you the 5 steps you need to end the struggle with your weight and get the body you love without dieting!

You'll discover how to finally reject the diet mentality, how to honor your hunger, how to put an end to emotional eating, and more!;
52 Weeks of Wisdom, A Guide to Self Leadership for Women
$14.99 paperback, $4.99 ebook, $19.99 DVD

Susan writes and speaks on self leadership for women. She uses her experiences as a corporate director, consultant, and business owner to provide ideas to encourage women to think about what they do, why they do it, and do they want to change. 52 Weeks of Wisdom provides 52 ideas to encourage you to think about your actions and if you are acheiving the results you want.,
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Perfect for any cyclist from novice to expert. Nutrition, hydration, bike fit, form, gear, etiquette, stretches, etc. Sample drills, sample class formats, and guides for heart rate training and calculating sweat rate. Meet your fitness goals through indoor cycling.

Go on a culinary journey through Western India. This vegetarian, gluten free cookbook discusses free radicals, antioxidants and health in relation to our contemporary lifestyles and chronic disease. It contains vegan options and simple healthy everyday Indian cooking. The index, variations, menus and more transform your kitchen into an instant take-out place for healthy food.

Available on Amazon in print and electronic formats. E-book is $9.99.

My newest book: Boosting Brain Function and Memory Through Nutrition is available on and my website. This book provides plenty of answers to questions for millions of people who suffer from mental decline and brain degeneration. I will show you the right foods that contain the essential brain nutrients needed daily by a thinking organ. My final word: Use It, Feed It or Lose It!

Deralee Scanlon, RD; 1818 North Beverly Glen, Los Angeles, CA 90077; Office: 310-475-1181

The book provides a simple tool to help the 105 million Americans with high cholesterol take charge of their health. The plan is ideal for those individuals averse to taking prescription cholesterol-lowering medication as well as an adjunct to those already on medication to boost their statin success. Its meticulously researched and based on solid science.

Janet Bond Brill, PhD, RD, LDN; (954)401-4279

If you want only one book on sports nutrition, this best-seller is your best bet for both casual exercisers and competitive athletes. Over 560,000 copies sold!


Nancy Clark, MS, RD, CSSD, Sports Nutrition Services; (617) 795-1875

Come visit the video-centric companion website to 101 Foods That Could Save Your Life by Dave Grotto, RD! Learn new and exciting things about the featured foods in the book and download incredibly delicious recipes! Visit often!

This easy-to-read informative book provides practical nutrition information for contemporary Latinos. ISBN: 0-595-29730-7.

Judith C. Rodriguez, PhD, RD,,,,

This easy-to-read informative book provides practical nutrition information for contemporary Latinos. ISBN: 0-595-29730-7.

Judith C. Rodriguez, PhD, RD,,,,
Cooking ala Heart Cookbook, 3rd edition
$28.95; earlier editions are $13.00/each; bulk prices available.

Delicious Heart-Healthy Recipes to Reduce Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke. (c) 2013; 450 recipes, 14 chapters, supports DASH and Mediterranean eating plans. Calorie controlled; emphasize healthy fats; meet the AHA Nutr Guidelines. Inspired by the NIH-funded MN Heart Health Prog in Mankato, Minn. Foreword by Henry Blackburn, MD and Jane Brody (New York Times).


Linda Hachfeld, MPH, RD; CEO/Publisher, Appletree Press, Inc., 151 Good Counsel Drive Suite #125, Mankato, MN 56001; (507) 345-4848

Written specifically for dietitians by two chef dietitians, Cooking Show and Tell is a complete manual with step by step instructions on how to do a cooking demo including a suggested equipment list and sample recipe with suggested topics for discussion.

Sharon B. Salomon, MS, RD, FoodSense, 7111 North 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85021; (602)751-4119

Simple, fun, healthy recipes and activities for kids with (and without) diabetes that kids can make themselves or with their parents. Also includes helpful hints for parents on managing their children's nutrition.

Tamara Ross

Imagine your nutrition counseling practice when you: Have increased confidence in your ability to handle any nutrition counseling challenge. Help your clients move forward to change. Make a paradign shift in the way you think about resistant clients. Work less hard and see better results.

Molly Kellogg, RD, LCSW; (215)843-8258

If you're looking to find the right job, stand out among the competition, prove yourself, and feel confident in the interview process, you are ready to create your career portfolio.

D. Milton Stokes, MPH, RD, CDN, (800)658-0512

The user-friendly guide to the DASH Diet, recommended by the National Institutes of Health to help lower blood pressure without medication. The DASH Diet Action Plan has 28 days of meal plans, recipes, weight loss, dining out, the DASH kitchen make-over, exercise, and other lifestyle changes to help lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

Marla Heller, MS, RD; (888)794-0788
Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy, 3rd ed.
$14.95, bulk discounts available

Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy, 3rd ed, is a best seller and the only book people need to learn what to eat and plan healthier meals whether they have pre-diabetes or diabetes. It's an invaluable, as well as practical, resource not to be missed. Cut to the chase advice is in sync with the latest ADA nutrition recommendations and divided into three easy-to-digest sections.

Hope Warshaw, MMSc, RD, CDE; (703)780-7207

This 2nd edition of an American Diabetes Association classic is better than ever with over 70 pages of practical money-saving tips, 100 updated recipes, all-new information, and the same low price that you want. Almost a decade after the first edition was published, you can still enjoy Diabetes Meals on 7 a Day or Less!

This book helps you develop a personalized plan to weight loss and blood glucose control. Practice skills, not willpower. Enjoy healthful food, work at your own pace, chart your progress and reap the rewards of a slimmer, healthier you.

Diet Selector

The Diet Selector is a book that uses a simple, consumer friendly format to evaluate and compare 75 popular diets. The diet history, pros and cons and sample menus as well as general guidelines for healthy weight management are included so the reader can decide the best way to lose weight and develop a personalized lifelong healthy weight management plan.

Judith C. Rodriguez, PhD, RD; (904)620-1289

Susan writes and speaks on self leadership for women. She uses her experiences as a corporate director, consultant, and business owner to provide ideas to encourage women to think about what they do, why they do it, and do they want to change. Don't Act Like Prey! uses stories and metaphors to describe passive, aggressive, and assertive behavior.,
Don't Yuck My Yum! children's book
$12.99/$19.99 paperback/hardcover

 “Don’t Yuck My Yum!” written by registered dietitian Amy Pleimling, is a children's book that teaches basic healthy eating concepts to kids and parents in a colorful, fun and unique way.

Amy Pleimling, RD, LD, Don't Yuck My Yum! Author
Eat Out, Eat Right (3rd ed)
$12.95, bulk discounts available

Eat Out, Eat Right, 3rd ed, is the must-have, compact and easy-to-carry book for anyone who wants to eat healthier restaurant meals. Eat Out, Eat Right provides practical and realistic solutions to eat healthier in just about any type of restaurant from fast food to fine dining; and ethnic cuisines from Italian, Mexican and Chinese to Japanese, Middle Eastern and more.

Hope Warshaw, MMSc, RD, CDE; (703)780-7207

The book "Eating for Autism" presents an easy 10-Step plan for dietitians to treat individuals with autism.  A great resource for any dietitian working with individuals with autism.   

Website: Email: Telephone: (830) 237-2886

Health Takes Guts® Your Comprehensive Guide to Eliminating Digestive Issues, Anxiety, and Fatigue

This is the ultimate resource on gut health and functional nutrition

I have poured everything I learned into one resource.

Learn secrets that have gotten hundreds of my clients well and transformed my practice.

Written just for endurance athletes by an endurance athlete! A former elite runner (4:28 mile, 32:40 10K, member 3 USA teams) and avid cyclist, board-certified sports dietitian Girard Eberle translates the latest sports nutrition science into real-life strategies that boost performance. Covers running, triathlons, ultras, cycling, rowing, open-water swimming, hiking and winter sport events and races.

Suzanne Girard Eberle, MS, RD, CSSD

The goal of writing this book was just one thought "Eating right starts early!" Why wait for kids to grow up, why not encourage and teach them early on by reading stories. This book is a fairy tale story that encourages kids to eat their fruits and vegetables. It's a great book for kids!

Shivani Sharma

Contains seasonal meal ideas, farmers’ market shopping lists & delicious recipes. Shares stories of farmers, chefs, and communities that are building local food economies & how others can do it too! The Local Green Plate, the new tool that makes eating close to home easy! A must read for those wanting to stay well, support farmers & keep the planet healthy.


Denise Barratt MS, RD, LDN Vine Ripe Nutrition (828) 423-5216
Fast Food Vindication
$9.99 Print, $2.99 ebook

Fast Food Vindication makes the bold case that fast food is actually a positive force in society and shows how easily fast food can be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle. With illuminating anecdotes, statistics and humor,the book destroys the media myths and paints the true picture of an industry that touches the lives of millions.

Feed Your Family Right: How to Make Small Food and Fitness Choices for a Healthy Lifestyle is a guide to help families manage their weight, get healthy, and get along in the process. Recipes, flexible meal plans, and real world tips galore make this science-based book a great resource for any family and for those who work with families.

The perfect high school graduation gift and must-have guide for every woman heading off to college. This book provides sound nutrition advice in a hip and helpful way so that dreaded freshman weight gain can be avoided.

Robyn Flipse
Flavorful Fortified Food - Recipes to Enrich Life
$22.99 - Quantity Discounts Available

Food First! Break the boredom of commercial products with these 60 high calorie, high protein recipes - beverage, breads & cereal, dessert, main dish, sauce & soup, and side dishes in quantities for one and ten portions. Paper and pdf format, training materials.

Cassens Associates - Diversified Nutrition Management Systems, PO Box 581, La Habra, CA 90633 OR Dynamic Communication Services, 20 Worman Lane, Bernville, PA 19506
Food 4 Osteoporosis Four Week Eating Plan Volume 1
$7.95 for printed version and $4.95 for kindle

Fight Osteoporosis with Food by following an Eating Plan specifically designed to support strong bones and a decreased risk of fractures.  "The Food 4 Osteoporosis Eating Plan Volume 1"provides four weeks of simple, easy to follow daily menus and recipes specifically designed to meet the needs of someone with, or trying to avoid, osteoporosis or osteopenia.
Food 4 Osteoporosis Four Week Eating Plan Volume 2
$8.95 for printed book and $5.95 for Kindle

The Eating plan provides 4 weeks of menus and recipes specifically designed to meet the needs of people with or trying to prevent osteoporosis.  The plan meets calcium needs without the use of supplements and ensures a bone healthy diet.  Volume 2 has been expanded to include information on protein needs for strength training and includes new recipes and menus.

National best seller by leading international celiac nutrition expert Shelley Case, RD.

MUST HAVE resource for dietitians and their clients. HIghlights: safe foods/those to avoid, frequently questioned ingredients, meal plans, cooking/baking tips, recipes/nutritional analysis, eating out/traveling, more than 3700 GF products, directory of over 220 companies, resources & more!

Case Nutrition Consulting, Inc., Suite 1403 3520 Hillsdale Street Regina, SK, S4S 5Z5 Canada, Fax (306)751-1000

Gluten-Free Hassle Free - A Simple, Sane Dietitian-Approved Program for Eating Your Way Back to Health, by Marlisa Brown, MS, RD, CDE, CDN. Everything you need to know about living Gluten-Free: 3 Easy to Follow Meal Plans, Shopping Tips, Safe Food Lists, Over 100 Recipes, Dining Out Cards in 14 Languages, Expanded Resource Directory

Total Wellness Inc, Marlisa Brown, MS, RD, CDE, CDN, 160 Howells Rd. Suite # 6, Bay Shore, NY 11706; (631)666-4297

Good Food for Life is an inclusive look at nourishment from the scientific basics to a primer on how to select and manage your food. It includes 4 weeks of seasonal menus and 65 recipes. The book also addresses the emotional, social and spiritual dimensions of nourishing your body, mind and spirit.

Maggie Davis, MS, RD, LDN, FADA, CDE; Live Nutrition Inc., PO Box 1709, 26 Wampum Drive, Brewster, MA 02631; (508)896-9080 phone, (508)896-3399

CORPORATE WELLNESS: Wellness, leadership & entrepreneurship talks, webinars and workshops. Book: Having Your All: How self-care leads to an Energized, Empowered and Effective Life! ewomenwellness 2014.
HealthCheques Self-Monitoring Journaling System
$9.25/set; Bulk discounts to $6.00/set. Refill logs @ $3.25/ea to $2.25/ea.

A full set includes the Food & Activity Counts, a vinyl checkbook cover and a 4-week Food & Activity Log. The F&A Counts provides nutrient values for more than 1600 foods, including 20 restaurants & fast food chains. Track calories, fat, carbs, carb choices, pro, sat fat, chol, sodium, and/or fiber. Log allows a full month of journaling.

Linda Hachfeld, CEO/Publisher; Appletree Press, Inc., 151 Good Counsel Drive Suite #125, Mankato, MN 56001; (507) 345-4848

Rosanne wants you to enjoy eating for better health! She has co-authored several titles in the For Dummies® series of consumer books, including DASH Diet For Dummies®, Calorie Counter Journal For Dummies®, & Glycemic Index Cookbook For Dummies®. 

Recommended for the person who spends a lot of time on the road. "...With an emphasis on nutrition and easy fitness, Dr. Jo's How to Stay Healthy & Fit on the Road is a rich source of common-sense solutions and resources for frequent travelers...a useful problem-solving tool."  - National Geographic Traveler

Joanne "Dr. Jo" Lichten, PhD, RD; (407)852-9171

Make your complicated life a thing of the past. It’s time for the simple life! This book honors WHO YOU ARE to help you decide what is really important in your life. Learn how to answer the powerful and empowering question, “IS IT WORTH IT?” using the Z-Pattern of Decision-Making. Because we’re all different, getting to simplicity can’t be done using a cookie-cutter approach.

Roberta Schwartz Wennik, MS, RDN
Jessica Setnick's Eating Disorders Boot Camp Home-Study Course
$288 - NE members get free standard shipping using Coupon Code IHeartNE at checkout!

Experience Eating Disorders Boot Camp, the most Comprehensive Eating Disorder Training Course that has been loved by hundreds of dietitians and others around the world.

To order by phone or obtain an order form, contact Celena Torres at Understanding Nutrition, (214) 503-7100.
Jim White RD, ACSM HFS, Academy Spokesman, Owner of Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios
Jim White's FIT-IN-30 PLAN $19.99 e-Book (PDF file) $11.95

Did you know? 80% of diets fail! Combine that with an exercise dropout rate of over 50% and you can see why over 60% of Americans are overweight. Mostly because most fitness programs are overly difficult, boring, or time-consuming. That's why Jim has created the most effective, easy-to-follow, and exciting fitness plan, Fit in 30!


Before you can start your business and marketing plan, you need to identify what you want to create, who your ideal client is, and what it is about you that is unique. Just Jump walks readers through the discovery process, in a language they understand, then the planning, through a series of exercises to help you create the business of your dreams.

Marjorie Geiser, (928)776-7317; Fax (866)480-7082;

Until now, no book or major resource has provided a detailed tutorial for how to analyze a recipe or outlined best practices for nutrient calculations.  The book and the training programs found at are designed to teach this valuable skillset and help professionals improve the quality of their calculations.
Let's Cook! Healthy Meals for Independent Living
$24.99/ea; 2-23 units $20/ea; 24 books (40% disc) at $15/ea.

Promotes self-reliance and reinforces life skills for independent living; Over 50 healthy "I can cook" recipes with step-by-step preparations w/ full color photos; large print; and early elementary reading level. Designed for teens, young adults, transition-special needs; ESL; seniors—simple recipes, easy to read & prepare. What to serve to make a complete meal included.

Linda Hachfeld, MPH, RD; Appletree Press, Inc., 151 Good Counsel Drive Suite #125, Mankato, MN 56001; (507) 345-4848

Filled with steps, strategies, guidelines, and supporting scriptures, this book provides a comprehensive look into health and wellness that takes into account the spirit as well as the body. It puts integrative healthcare information into perspective with biblical principles and makes practical health applications to daily life.

Norma DeVault, PhD, MBA, RD, LD, Morning By Morning, Inc., 1602 S Harvard, Tulsa, OK 74112-6824; (918)744-5181

Author Norma DeVault uses the acronym "NATURE'S OWN" to describe the pathway to health: nutrition, attitude, toxin removal, undoing the wrong, rest and sleep, exercise, sunshine, oxygen, water, and again an emphasis on nutrition to make lifestyle changes that impact your heart, spirit and body. Available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Crossbooks and

Norma DeVault, PhD, MBA, RDN, LD; Morning By Morning, Inc.; (918) 744-5181;;;;

One year after learning that her son has severe food allergies, Amber DeVore, RD, CSSD, CLT, owner of DeVore Nutrition and Wellness, has published a children's book on the topic.  Available in print and several e-book formats, My Food Allergies targets the unique social and practical aspects of dealing with food allergies.  She dedicates this book to her son.

Nourish: How to Grow Your Nutrition Business from the Ground Up is the story of how Nicole took the small idea of helping people change their lifestyle through proper nutrition into a successful nutrition business. It is the how-to guide for starting a nutrition business from the ground up. 

Nutrition is as vital to good health as it is complex to understand. Nutrition At Your Fingertips is a go-to reference that provides detailed explanations of vitamins and minerals; information on fats, carbohydrates, fiber, and proteins; daily nutrient requirements; weight management and disease prevention tips; and information about food labels and meal planning.


The #1 Resource for Women with PCOS! The PCOS Workbook helps you understand not just the physiology of PCOS, but what you can do about it. Step-by-step guidelines, questionnaires and exercises will help you learn skills and empower you to make positive changes in your life that might not get rid of PCOS, but help you live with it harmoniously!

Angela Grassi, MS, RD, LDN, 551 W. Lancaster Ave, #305, Haverford, PA 19041; (484)252-9028

Jennifer McGurk has written a book for all of us wanting to know more about the ins and outs of growing a private practice. She incorporates her own business-savvy tips throughout the book, letting her readers know all about her own experience. A must-read for any dietitian, therapist, or counseling professional.

Jennifer McGurk, RDN, CDN, CDE, CEDRD 845-535-9092

Step One: Decide to Be an Entrepreneur
Step Two: Find Passion in Your Work and Pick Your Niche
Step Three: Legally Form Your Business
Step Four: Get Registrations and Finances in Order
Step Five: Plan Your Schedule
Step Six: Find Counseling Space
Step Seven: Create Your Forms
Step Eight: Set Up a Charting System
Step Nine: Set Up You Services
Step Ten: Figure Out How Much to Charge

Jennifer McGurk, RDN, CDN, CDE, CEDRD 99 Main Street, Suite 204 Nyack, NY 10960 845-535-9092

The 20 weeks of easy dinner menus, each with a grocery list, sets this apart from other family cookbooks. Also includes a wealth of nutrition and time-saving tips; and quick-to-prepare, low-fat recipes. Perfect for anyone trying to control their weight, and anyone with heart disease or diabetes. Recommended in O, the Oprah magazine.

Brenda Ponichtera, RD, 1519 Hermits Way, The Dalles, OR 97058

The 20 weeks of easy dinner menus, each with a grocery list, sets this apart from other family cookbooks. Also includes a wealth of nutrition and time-saving tips; and quick-to-prepare, low-fat recipes. Perfect for anyone trying to control their weight, and anyone with heart disease or diabetes. Recommended in O, the Oprah magazine.

Brenda Ponichtera, RD, 1519 Hermits Way, The Dalles, OR 97058

Newly Revised-May, 2009. Designed for people with good intentions and little time to cook. Highlights: ten weeks of easy dinner menus, each with a grocery list, AND over 100 menus listed by category; over 200 quick, low-fat recipes with exchanges and nutrient analysis; tips for reducing fat, eating out, changing recipes, holiday eating; and much more.

Brenda Ponichtera, RD, 1519 Hermits Way, The Dalles, OR 97058; (541)296-1865

Newly Revised-May, 2009. Designed for people with good intentions and little time to cook. Highlights: ten weeks of easy dinner menus, each with a grocery list, AND over 100 menus listed by category; over 200 quick, low-fat recipes with exchanges and nutrient analysis; tips for reducing fat, eating out, changing recipes, holiday eating; and much more.

Brenda Ponichtera, RD, 1519 Hermits Way, The Dalles, OR 97058; (541)296-1865

This book helps dieters have success on ANY healthy diet they choose to go on. It addresses the most common reasons for diet failure; lack of motivation, lack of support, and loss of interest in the diet when weight loss slows. By addressing those challenges before starting a diet, dieters are more likely to stick with a diet and reach their goal weight!

Stephanie Karpinske, MBA, MS, RD
book on workplace productivity, energy, peak performance

Time to wake up to a healthier, happier, more productive day! Cutting edge science by PhD Nutritionist, Dr. Jo, makes it possible to banish fatigue and optimize energy so you get more accomplished during your workday and experience more joy during your downtime. Get up refreshed and remain alert (even during long drives and tedious meetings).

The Roni Children's Book Series is an engaging and educational teaching tool on weight-based topics and wellness for school-aged children and their families. Titles include Roni Takes Action, Roni Goes to Camp, Please Don't Call Me Chubby Roni! and soon Roni Discovers Mindfulness. Available through and kdp.

Help your patients with diabetes manage their busy lives! Within the pages of this book, registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator, Susan Weiner, and organizing guru, Leslie Josel, provide dependable strategies and ideas designed to help streamline diabetes care. This is the first "how-to" book on diabetes organization.

The book details dietary triggers for IBS such as FODMAPs, fat, fiber, and gluten. Menu planning, grocery shopping tips, dining out and traveling guidelines are also provided to help the IBS sufferer function better in their everyday life. The book includes over 200 menu plans and recipes; the first in the US to offer so many FODMAPs modified recipes.

Kate Scarlata, RD, LDN

This e-cookbook includes 62 do-it-yourself, copycat recipes that are healthier, cleaner versions of what you'd normally buy in a grocery store.

Melanie Zook, MA, RD

Does pizza, pasta, chips or chocolate ever call your name? The Food Is My Friend Diet was written especially for you. Learn how you can keep your old food friends, make new ones, and melt the pounds away.

Ruth Frechman, MA, RD, CPT, On the Weigh, 3316 W Victory Blvd., Suite B, Burbank, CA 91505

Whether for weight loss, reversing pre-diabetes, or managing Type II diabetes, The Protein-Packed Breakfast Club, by Lauren Harris-Pincus, MS, RDN, is filled with over 30 delicious, easy to make recipes that are each 300 calories or less and packed with a minimum of 20 grams of protein.

This ebook (and accompanying audio book) covers supplements in each of the following categories: Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, and Other Supplements. At the beginning of each of these categories, I explain what the nutrient is, and then go into specific examples that are thought to have a benefit for PCOS.

Marquette Nutrition & Fitness, LLC, 8700 Manchaca RD, Suite 402, Austin, TX 78748; (512)468-4338

A tried and true recipe for weight loss!

Cindy Guirino Dietitian/Diabetes Educator/American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer

Long work hours, unhealthy food choices while on the road, and not enough exercise: Working as a trucker can be a health hazard! From Registered Dietitians Sharon Madalis and April Rudat comes a book designed to help drivers choose the right fuel, incorporate exercise, and energize without pills or potions.

Wellness, Not Weight: Health At Every Size and Motivational Interviewing
$63 plus shipping or $76 plus MI training DVD

This new volume brings a well rounded perspective to issues of weight, health and helping people change behavior. The book is an anthology of chapters by thought leaders in the fields of nutrition, exercise physiology, Health At Every Size, Motivational Interviewing, and a non-diet approach. This book can be purchased alone for $63 or with one of 2 Training DVDs, listed on this site.

Ellen Glovsky, PhD, RD, LDN;; (781)890-1618

Oh no! Andy shrank down to the size of a pea and fell into a bowl of nuts! To make matters worse, his sister Lisa accidentally swallowed him along with her yogurt! How will Andy make it through without getting digested?  Kids (8-12 yrs) will have fun as they follow Andy's journey and learn about digestion along the way. 

Jacqueline S. Gutierrez, MS, MSEd, RDN, CDN, Sprouting Seed Press,
What to Eat When You're Eating Out
$9.95, bulk discounts available

What to Eat When You're Eating Out is just the resource people need to eat healthfully in - or out - of restaurants. It provides guidelines for healthy eating, notes the pitfalls of todays restaurant meals and serves skills and strategies to meet the challenges. Tips and tactics to eat healthier fill the pages along with the nutrition facts for 5,000 menu items.

Hope Warshaw, MMSc, RD, CDE; (703)780-7207

This manual provides guidelines and sessions for helping a person with an eating disorder normalize food and eating. Included is information to better understand the eating disorders. Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive-Behavioral Counseling is discussed in the context of working with a resistant client. Exercises and handouts to be used with clients are included.

Helm Publishing, PO Box 2105, Lake Dallas, TX 75065; (940)497-3558

Learn how to reduce stress, manage weight, improve sleep and achieve the 7 Pillars of Vitality. Younger Next Week shows women how to nix the habits that age them, fuel themselves with nutrient-rich foods, and fit in fitness and relaxation. Includes The 7-Day Vitality Plan, menus, 30 delicious, easy-to-make recipes, and dozens of "Stressipes."

Written as an initial resource for parents of children or adults newly diagnosed or facing potential diagnosis of Eosinophilic Esophagitis. Topics include symptoms of Eosinophilic Esophagitis, how it is diagnosed, treatment, foods to avoid or include, and alternatives. Also serves as a helpful tool for the RDN who doesn't work with this diagnosis every day.

Kathryn Russell, MS, RDN; (734) 635-7771
Your Personality Diet
E-book: $9.95

Get a unique insight into losing weight based on your personality type.  We all know that losing weight is not as much about the foods we eat, but more about the changing of unhealthy habits.  Change those unhealthy behaviors in a way that is comfortable for your type. No need for using willpower. This is the ultimate "intuitive eating" plan because it's based on WHO YOU ARE.

Roberta Schwartz Wennik, MS, RDN; (425)778-1340