February 2018 Tip of the Month: February is Vote Month!

February 2018 Tip of the Month: February is Vote Month!

February is Vote Month!

When we think of February, voting is not always on the top of our list.  We are probably thinking about Black History Month, Superbowl Sunday, American Heart Month, or Valentine’s Day.  Some of us may be thinking about the not-so-publicized, Bubble Gum day (the first Friday of the month) and Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day (the first Saturday of the month)!  Most of us don’t think about voting but we all should!  Why?  It is part of our contribution to our profession to make our voices heard as well as document our opinion on how the Academy should operate.  Election 2018 is February 1-15, so please take the time to view the candidates and vote at www.eatrightPRO.org/elections.  Last year, NE won Project Vote with 33.88% of members voting, and as Nutrition Entrepreneurs we must continue to make our voices heard.  Let’s make it our goal to increase our voting percentage this year and rock the vote!

3 Essential Voting Tips You Should Follow:
1.      Read the candidate bios - make sure to take the time to carefully read the candidate bios so that you can evaluate the candidate’s experience and make an informed decision.  The choices you make matter, and who you choose will have an impact on the profession.
2.      Identify the candidates that will best effect the changes you want to see occur - voting is your way of expressing yourself, and a way to have a vested interest in the issues about which you care the most.  Look for similarities in the candidate statements when deciding who you want to support.
3.      Make sure to vote - casting a vote feels great!  You can’t complain about who won if you don’t vote.  When you vote, you make your voice heard and you get a say in who represents you.

Now please, go vote!

Lisa Jones, MA, RDN, LDN, FAND
NE Awards Coordinator