Ask for Help! Mastermind! Collaborate! Celebrate!

Ask for Help! Mastermind! Collaborate! Celebrate!

We as dietitians all have different talents and abilities ranging from writing, counseling, photography, coaching, video, speaking and media and cooking abilities. Instead of thinking of other FABULOUS dietitians as threats, competition or especially get all up into that icky and stinky compare-itis; why don’t we celebrate our differences, ask for help, mastermind and collaborate!! It’s a fun way to get more out of your work, make new friends and find out that we are all just doing our best!

Ask for Help: My website was recently hacked and I reached out to more than a few dietitians, some I knew well and some I did not. They all had one thing in common: They were killin’ it when it came to their websites, recipe development, blogging and photography – my inquiry went something like this… “HELP!!! I’m not good at this stufffffff!!” What came out of this pathetic cry for help were new friends but also new confidence and (soon) a new website! I am so thankful I swallowed my pride and said I CAN’T DO THIS!! I need help!

Be Kind and Mastermind: A colleague brought up starting a mastermind group and it has been invaluable in my last year of business! I challenge you to ask dietitians you look up to and think about what skills you have to offer the group! You may surprise yourself!
PS: All of us were new at “masterminding”, so we asked for help in starting our group and reached out to other dietitians who had started a mastermind and asked for best practices! Remember, you don’t have to know everything and the NE EML’s is a great place to start!

Don’t Hate, Collaborate: We all have different strengths, instead of Insta-jealousy over those beautiful photos or videos, why not ask those fabulous dietitians if they want to collaborate on a blog post, on social media or some other fun project? You never know where it will lead… A new friendship, new followers, a new experience or all of the above! YAY!

Celebrate the PROS: I am continually impressed with how many dietitians are supporting other dietitians with trainings and services for work in media, writing, videos, photography, web development, branding, PR, starting your own business and more! Just this month I have attended more than one webinar put on by RDN’s – I’m continually enamored and impressed by the depth of knowledge of our profession! You all ROCK! Oh the point… Take advantage of these awesome dietitian-provided resources - Many of them are free but if not, you can feel good knowing you are supporting our profession and gaining new knowledge!

Abigail Dougherty, RDN | Director Elect of Member Services