NE Twitter Chats

When: the 2nd Wednesday of every month from 8-9 PM ET / 7-8 PM CT / 6-7 PM MT /  5-6 PM PT

What: Various entrepreneurial topics

Hashtag: #NEDPG

Join us on the Twitterverse with our monthly NE chats—the second Wednesday of every month from 8-9 PM ET / 7-8 PM CT / 6-7 PM MT /  5-6 PM PT.

Here, we dish up entrepreneurial topics and secrets to help you succeed. We use the hashtag #NEDPG for all chats.

See below for a complete list of NE twitter chat topics for 2016-2017.

·         July: Freedom & Flexibility: Maximizing time and energy in business to live the free & flexible life you crave

·         August: Viva Vacation! Scheduling breaks and setting boundaries to stay sane in a more, more, more business environment       

·         September: Lifelong Learning: Staying current on new breakthroughs and letting go of old practices that aren't serving you or your business

·         October: From Conferences to Social Media: Intentional networking and positioning to grow your reach and your business

·         November: Giving & Gratefulness: Giving thanks & giving back to the nutrition community

·         December: Scheduling Sanity! Staying stress-free during the busy holiday season and beyond

·         January: You give, give and give some more to your patients and clients. How will you take care of your own health and wellness in 2017?

·         February: My website could use a little love. Let's discuss those love-hate relationships with our websites

·         March: Celebrating National Nutrition Month: marketing your culinary skills 

·         April: Working only for what you're worth: attracting golden opportunities and knowing when/how to turn down underwhelming opportunities

·         May: Harnessing our "inner geek" - what's new in tech and social media

·         June: Click your heels and repeat after me: "There's no place like…" …the office. Creating the ideal work environment