NE Instagram TakeOvers

When: the 3rdweek of every month- dates will vary dependent upon guest hosts schedule.

What: follow along for A Day in Life of a RD Entrepreneur 

Handle: @NutritionEntrepreneurs

Join us on Instagram for our monthly Nutrition Entrepreneur takeovers— where we feature YOU, the Nutrition Entrepreneur that’s breaking the mold and creating the work YOU love, on your own time and from anywhere a laptop with strong Wi-Fi can reach! 

The takeovers take place during the third week of the month, and our featured guest will showcase what their day-in-the-life-of a Nutrition Entrepreneur looks like.

How to follow along
An Instagram Takeover simply means a featured guest will be posting and creating stories/content from the NEDPG account for the day.  Just follow our handle on Instagram, @NutritionEntrepreneursand tune in throughout the scheduled day to see what fun posts and stories have been added by our featured guest. 

Feel free to ask questions by sending a Direct Message or by commenting on a post. 

·      Log in to your Instagram account

·      Go to the @NutritionEntrepreneursaccount

·      Follow along and have fun, ask questions, and be inspired by all the many opportunities our profession affords us!

See our Instagram Takeover schedule below:

June 2018-week of 6/18


July 2018-week of 7/16


August 2018- week of 8/13


September 2018- week of 9/17


October 2018- week of 10/15


November 2018- week of 11/12


December 2018- week of 12/17 


January 2019- week of 1/14


February 2019- week of 2/18


March 2019- week of 3/18


April 2019- week of 4/15


May 2019- week of 5/13


June 2019- week of 6/17